“As I took my first step, peace fell upon me in a gentle snowfall. I wore each snowflake knitted together as a magnificent lace shawl upon my unburdened soul. And I knew the time had come—to answer my spirit and to have the courage to be misunderstood.”

Lessons from the Trumpet Vine
Written & Illustrated by Jeri Glatter

Let’s journey together—

to the vast and wondrous depths of our souls—the majestic place in which we are able to receive divine direction and guidance. Within this precious space exists our ability to live our lives fully, to transcend the details of our lives, heal all life-wounds and to discover our true purpose.

Once guidance, transcendence, healing and purpose are discovered—let’s dream—with the sacred knowledge that our dreams are the whisperings of possibilities—patiently waiting to be manifested.

And together, we will stand—Bravely in Truth.


  1. Bev Mabey · August 22, 2017

    You are an inspiration for many, thank you for shining your light!


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