A Beacon in Chaos

Our Session began with her heartfelt inquiry delivered in a single word—chaos.

This is the message that followed, a message that is intended for all of us.

“We welcome you, sweet children of love, light, and of the spoken word.

We thank you for your contribution to our world, and to all that you encounter. We call upon you to shine as brightly as you are able, during this time of darkness. Please remember, that your light is not diminished by the overbearing shadows. We remain grateful, as we observe your illumination of the space that surrounds you, and for the influence on those who are nearby. Your effort—is of service to the highest good and is deeply valued.

The belief that your impact needs to have the radiance, and the luminescence to be all reaching—to all corners of our earth—to have validly, is incorrect. One human cannot hold that level of illumination. The light that you emanate, even in your most quiet, golden moments, has purpose. Simple gestures are now magnified, and will touch the souls of those who are in need of healing—especially those who are crying within.

In this time of overarching darkness, the clouds have become dense with chaos. There are people in powerful positions who do not warrant the authority, the recognition, the dignity, or the honor that accompanies these roles. The feeling that humanity is spinning out of control comes readily.

We ask you to bring calm to yourself, in each moment, to the best of your ability, and to allow your radiant light to be a beacon for others. We offer a metaphor, borrowed from nature, to demonstrate—

The clouds tumble loudly overhead, dark, foreboding, overwhelming—at times, no light can be seen. A violent storm is coming—the wind kicks angrily across the land. There is the recognition that with the arrival of this disturbance, that branches may break, trees may fall, and floods may come. In this troublesome and unnerving darkness, there is the awareness that this manifestation has been brewing for a long time. If you feel fearful, please remind yourself—that after every storm, there is a clearing. Recognize that this is a time of extreme darkness—that occurs before the arrival of light. Within that knowledge, understand that the storm serves purpose.

The branches that break, will allow for the sun to shine on soil, where growth did not exist, as the damage brings light to previously shaded areas. This event will be the catalyst for corrections, for repairs, and for great changes; within the physical, the spiritual, and the intellectual bodies. Your task, is to be a beacon—to offer people help and guidance to find their way. Many are lost, confused, and frightened. Some may not recover, offer your prayers and blessings for their safekeeping, until they journey home.

We ask you to please participate in a physical expression and the subsequent manifestation of this task—to be a beacon.

In the early evening, light a candle and place it near your window. Allow the illumination to radiate onto the earth, until it is time for you to seek your rest. The offering of this symbolic beacon of light has the capacity to bring hope, and will support you to remain mindful of the beautiful opportunity you are being given. Share your light—the magnificent luminescence that shines from your heart and your soul.

Share this practice with others. May there be an expansion—from two candles, to ten, to forty, and to hundreds and hundreds—thousands of—beacons of candlelight—may each willing person, heart, and soul act as a beacon—of hope, of peace, and of comfort to all who journey alongside us.”

A Window Into Meditation

Alone, you stand at an open symbolic doorway—waiting—weariness and frustration echo in the vast emptiness—hopelessness becomes the only greeting. Despite concerted efforts and best intentions your attempt to create and experience an enriching and robust spiritual meditation you discover mediocrity interspersed with momentary flashes, pulses of intrusive thoughts—all of your earth-concerns have come to converse in the quiet.

In your toolbox is a minimum of patience and a maximum of expectation as you embarked upon this seemingly impossible journey, minutes have grown into inconceivable monumental blocks of time and soon you will mark your calendar, an entire week has passed with nary an aha moment.

Your conclusion is failure, voiced in proclamations: “I’ve tried meditating and I can’t. Meditation may work for some people…not for me.”

Consider this, the metaphor for meditation in this discussion exists within a symbolic home—your spiritual home. As you stood at the doorway you had been waiting for a predetermined event created within your intellectual mind. You are now being gently offered a new choice—come to the window, sit quietly. Gaze outside at the beauty that rests before you—light dancing upon leaves, breezes created by butterfly wings, a bee buzzing upon a flower. And imagine…that through that porous glass that was once particles of sand, you can breathe. In your mind’s eye watch the glass become permeable.

DSC_0032Begin with a focused breath, a deep inhale; imagine inhaling the word and the emotions connected to patience. Feel each letter flow into your being . . . p a t i e n c e . . . hold and embrace the concept of patience in the confines of your body, and then in a release, exhale—a full breath out—as you let go of . . . e x p e c t a t i o n . . . As you inhale, envision what patience means to you and allow those images to flow toward you. Again, patience is your inhale—calm, serenity, peace. Expectation is your exhale—judgment, anxiety, worry. One breath replaces the other in an exchange of perception. Inhale deeply—patience, letter-by-letter. Exhale—expectation, letter-by-letter. Your breathing becomes a mantra bringing forth a new awareness, patience in—expectation out. Patience in—expectation out.

As you mind-fully practice this breathing, imagine opening to Spirit, inner guidance and wisdom, self-knowing, comfort and love. As these images fill your heart-center create a thoughtful intention—a vision of your enlightenment. Holding that within your heart, in your mind’s eye begin to open the symbolic window within your spiritual home, imagine the wood frame, the heaviness and old layers of paint causing the window to hold for a moment. Visualize the release and expansion of opening. Imagine this slight space—almost imperceptible and yet—something has changed, a shift has occurred—an exchange—the blush of warm air or the tingle of cool air. Feel the sweet breeze, oxygen rich, carrying new scents to your spiritual home. You have just succeeded; you have begun to access your higher self and the vast unknown energy. For a short time, you leave your everyday thoughts and open to something else. You have successfully meditated.

Perhaps in your previous expectations you had imagined the window opening dramatically and widely—accompanied by a rush of fresh, salty sea air. Please know this—bringing your soul to an enlightened place, most often, comes quietly and begins with a whisper of the faintest and most delicate of breezes.

DSC_0048Photo credit: Jeri Glatter