Lessons from the Trumpet Vine

Written & Illustrated by Jeri Glatter

book cover

In Lessons from the Trumpet Vine, author Jeri Glatter draws upon her personal experiences to create the uniquely nurturing voices of a spiritual presence she refers to as The Elders. Delivering messages of hope and answering questions that arise during life’s interpersonal explorations, the collective voice of The Elders emerges as a charming, unassuming font of safety and love. And through the poignancy of their lessons, The Elders reach out to all readers drawn to inspirational prose, but notably, to those in search of insight.

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Lessons from the Trumpet Vine is beautifully illustrated with twelve oil-on-canvas paintings created by the author. Each of the separate paintings measures 36″ x  36″ when displayed collectively the individual paintings become a remarkable single image. Shown below are the illustrations and excerpts from the corresponding chapters.

My Arrival—the Greeting

painting1_v2“With honor and pride, we deliver you to the door of the healer so that you may begin to heal your soul. We invite you, through forgiveness, to heal the wounds that have been done to you by others. We also encourage you to forgive those wounds which you have brought upon yourself, as you enter the realm of self-acceptance and self-love. Through this, you shall be free all the days of your life.”


painting2_v2“Our love and guidance is never-ending and will last for eternity. However we will not come to you—you must come to us. This is another of your tasks, and therein you will understand enlightenment, which does not live upon your doorstep but is, instead, an act of seeking.”

The Lesson of Humanity

painting5_v2“Each and every one of you—from the smallest swaddled baby against her mother’s chest to the strongest and wisest among you—and every grain of sand in between are necessary. Each of you has come together with the rest to form the richest of clay, and from that unity, our bowl has been created. Our bowl of humanity is strong, and from within, we can hold the weak. We can bring forth the harvest, hold our life water, heal the sick, bury the tired, and live in harmony.

The Lesson of Balance

painting9_v2“Each day, let us act as the trumpet vine. Let us look down upon our roots, hold firmly, thank the earth, and look above, saying with peace and confidence, I do not know what my vine will look like, or where or when my journey will end. Despite not knowing, despite being unsure and unable to know the final outcome, I courageously continue to grow.”

The Lesson of Self-Value

painting12_v2“With love and kindness, we ask you to understand that you were born with intrinsic value, with or without your worldly accomplishments. You inaccurately believe that your value can shift and be altered dependent upon whatever you produce, create, or facilitate. This is why you find yourself requiring outside proof of your value through the words of others, or your transitory thoughts, or symbolic gain.”

The Lesson of the Healing Cup

painting4_v2“This message is our gift to the healers that walk among you, and the message also holds important instructions for them. Through this vision, we hoped that you might draw attention to the healer’s unfathomable beauty and to their importance as we pay tribute to their work.”

The Lesson of Change

painting10_v2“Change does not live upon our tongue nor in the steps we take. True change is a motionless transcending of self. Only later, once transformation has occurred, do we demonstrate our change through action. Those who exhibit change through action alone will only experience that change as long as the fuel runs. That false version of change is propelled by self-will, determination or outside influences. True change, lasting change, must first be achieved through stillness.”

The Lesson of Self-Forgiveness

painting11_v2“Dear child, do not look down in shame. Walking in your newly realized self-disappointment serves no one—not you, not those you have hurt, nor those whose life you now touch. Shame and guilt serve no one. This is not our wish for you. Within the feelings of shame, regret and guilt, the seeds of change cannot be born.”

The Lesson of Self-Protection

painting7_v2“We offer you protection. Let your anger dissipate. Fear not. He has no power over your intention. He may steal your bread, but not your soul.”

The Lesson of the Fisherman

painting6_v2“Care must be given to never take more than we require. Do not rob, waste, or damage. Whatever we take, we must return, for our home is a complete circle of life. What we pour into becomes what we live upon. We are only the temporary keepers of this home. We must always leave the future seeds for our children and future generations.”

The Lesson of Passing Over

painting3_v2“We brought you to this lesson with purpose since many misunderstand death—the passing over. They have forgotten that this is a natural conclusion to a life lived. Death is as intended—a completion of a cycle, a journey…”

The Lesson of Release

painting8_v2“Hidden beneath the river, within the bedrock, is where they very first drops of peace are born, as release gives birth to acceptance—and acceptance, dear child, is the parent of peace.”