A Session is a safe and comfortable opportunity to be brought to a peaceful quietness through a brief guided meditation. As we enter into that sacred state we are able to communicate and receive understanding, insight and guidance through a channeled conversation. A Session is an accompanied verbal spiritual journey—a walk along a path which brings direction and clarity. This is an opportunity to bring forth questions of musings, spiritual growth or of concerns. At all times you are protected and all information is solely provided to serve the highest good.

Sessions may be done in person, in Northern New Jersey, over the telephone or through the written word. Sessions are booked in advance in EST and are forty-five minutes in length. If you wish, the Session will be recorded and a digital file will be emailed to you the same day. The cost of a Session is $150.00 and may be paid via PayPal using the link below.

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Prior to the time of your Session it is recommended to sit quietly or meditate to assist the communication. The most effective way to receive information which is most important to you is to prepare questions in the areas of interest or concern to bring forward during the Session.

At the time of the Session you will call:


To schedule a Session please email:

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